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What is a deep facial cleaning for?

Deep facial cleaning is a specific technique that is carried out in aesthetics centers to improve the health and appearance of the complexion.

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Facial Treatments

Our mission is to provide the ideal space to rejuvenate and restore your skin and, therefore, use the latest technology that will maximize the effects of treatment.

Purexpert Deep Cleaning of the skin


Purexpert Deep Cleaning of the skin

Complete facial cleaning, exfoliating, residual grain, black points, soft peeling, pore cauterization, calming mask, Aftercare cream and sunscreen.

Purexpert Acne Treatment


Purexpert Acne Treatment

Complete facial cleaning, exfoliation, visible and invisible black dots, comedones, acne stories, soft exfoliation, cauterry, pure and control mask, acne cream for subsequent care and sunscreen.

Acne Treatment + Laser IPL


Timexpert Rides


Timexpert Riders

Wrimples corrector treatment with botox effect

For skins with first wrinkles and expression lines

For furrugs with deeper wrinkles

Improve the architecture and firmness of the skin.

Timexpert C+ (Age) (90 min).


Timexpert C+ (Age) (90 min).

It combats the negative effects of skin glycation that trigger premature skin aging.

The skin immediately recovers a remarkably youthful appearance, shines and is smooth and vital.