Semi-Permanent Make-up

This practice frees us from the permanent dependence of cosmetics and the time that makes make-up. It can be applied to eyebrows, lips and eyes. It is a natural option to keep make-up 24 hours a day.

The semi-permanent makeup treatment is to introduce the color under the skin, in the first layer of the dermis, by sterile needles. The final effect is that of a bright and very natural makeup, thanks to the mineral pigments it contains.

It differs from the permanent by the type of pigment. Tattoo pigments are not reabsorbable, which means that the design is permanent. On the contrary, dermopigment is not permanent, but requires some touch-ups.

How is permanent makeup performed?
The micropigmentation technique consists in making small subcutaneous holes through which the color is injected. For this, of course, it is necessary that the procedure be carried out by an expert who uses pigments certified by the corresponding health institution.

How long does this makeup technique last?

Semi-permanent makeup lasts six months, after which a touch -up will be necessary. During this time, the color does not disappear completely, but fades.

Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Make-up
Often careless, the eyebrows can become quickly unattractive: dense, too scarce … however, when they are well cared for, they allow the gaze to be highlighted.

Either to correct them because they are wrong, to redraw them, swell them, hide a scar, etc. Will allow you to enhance your gaze.
Developed thoroughly, each hair is redrawn one by, a spectacular result.

Semi-Permanent Eye Make-up
To beautify your gaze, permanent make-up can allow you to redraw your eyelashes or your eyelids.

Thicken the tab line, increase the density of the eyelashes (flash-Liner) or even draw a fine line at the outer angle of the eye (upper or lower), etc. Many possibilities are available for you in eye make-up. Especially since you can, of course, combine styles.

Semi-Permanent Lip Make-up
Practical: The lipstick is sometimes erased easily or leaves traces.
Aesthetic: (Lips too fine, asymmetric, etc.): Permanent make-up will allow you to remodel your lips.

Permanent make-up allows you to delineate your lips or make lipsticks for a more full mouth.
The latter is not intended to give you the effect of a lipstick, but to return a natural color to your lips, giving them volume.
The tone must be able to mix with its natural tone.

You will have glowing lips!

Semi-Permanent Make-up | Including Retouching


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Semi-Permanent Lips Make-up | Including Retouching


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